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Star Trek: The Worf Chronicles

An Empire’s Only Hope

Prospect House Entertainment & Michael Dorn Productions, present
Star Trek: The Worf Chronicles, a backdoor pilot for a television series set in the Star Trek universe, one of the most successful
television franchises in broadcast history.

Worf is a man caught between two worlds. His Klingon planet of origin is that of a warrior race, but having been adopted and raised by an Earth family, he has been trained in human values of duty and peacemaking. The Worf Chronicles picks up on a time in which he’s become a reluctant leader for his planet of birth. He finds that the Klingon virtues of honor and bravery are being replaced behind closed doors by warmongering and a greed for power.

Worf is forced to make a difficult sacrifice as he searches for the truth behind a seemingly meaningless war, and in hopes of redeeming his people. He quickly begins to uncover a political conspiracy designed to alienate the people, and serve the few in power. Finding himself in a position to trust no-one on the “outside”, he confides solely in his reluctantly Klingon son Alexander, and his human lover, Lieutenant Clair Mason – a formidable warrior in her own right and the daughter of a decorated Starfleet officer. Their adventures as a team are legendary as is their relationship. With Lt. Mason at his side, he has made it his mission to restore the “Klingon Heart” and of course, “slice” through as many enemies as he can.

Written and Directed by
Michael Dorn