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The Mollyhouse

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The Mollyhouse

In London, 1726, an underground gay pub thrives in
the city’s slums: Maggie Clap’s Mollyhouse.Inside the Mollyhouse, every night is a celebration,
but outside, the Society for the Reformation of Manners
tightens its hold on the city.

When Maggie’s right-hand man, Mark Partridge,
is forced to become an informant for the increasingly tyrannical police force
-led by a righteous Justice Gonson-, Mark must choose between saving himself
or his community and the man he has come to love, Irish newcomer
Adam Mackintosh.

Inspired by real people and events, The Mollyhouse
brings history to life with a vibrant blend of Irish folk song,
classic rock, and contemporary pop music.

Book and Lyrics by Richard Hanson
Music by Divya Maus
Produced by Tegan Summer and Prospect House Entertainment